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Re: [IP] Need Contact at Disetronic

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From: "Rodney F. Mead, Jr." <email @ redacted>
To: "Pumpers Ink" <email @ redacted>
Sent: Friday, July 25, 2003 8:29 AM
Subject: [IP] Need Contact at Disetronic

> Pumpers and Friends,
>     If you have a contact at Disetronic can you please send me the e-mail
> address. I have a problem that I need to get fixed. As I no longer have a
> rep, I will send my note to anyone and hopefully someone can fix it.
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>                                                           Rodney
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Hi Rodney,
Thanks for the link to the disetronic site and the info about the pumps.
I'm still waiting for my second dtron+ having received the first one in
February.  When I called  this week  they said it should be shipped soon.
What I read on the notice on their website leads me to believe it may be

When I was getting started the territory manager - San Francisco area-
contacted me for training.  His name is John Sneed.  I don't have an e-mail,
but the toll free telephone is 1-800-915-3698 extension 5710.  Maybe he
knows someone that can fix your problem.

SE Jones
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