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[IP] Re: to suspend or not suspend, that is the question

I'm having cataract surgery on Wednesday and can't eat after midnight.
Surgery is at 8:15 and I expect to be able to eat by 10:00 at the latest.  I
told my ophthalmologist that I was testing not eating to make sure I
wouldn't go low.  He said "Do me a favor and check with your endo about what
to do, I don't want to be guessing".  Needless to say I was a little
insulted - my endo does not live with me and know as well as I do how my
body reacts as I do.  I had actually talked with the nurse educator about it
and she told me that one patient had been told by the anesthesiologist to
suspend his pump at midnight when he stopped eating!  If I did that I'd be
at 500 for the surgery!  The nurse educator recommended testing the morning
basal rates which is what I was planning on doing anyway.  When the hospital
called with my instructions they said I would have an IV.  Later, I though
about whether there would be glucose in it or not because that would change
my plan. I called back and they said for diabetics on shots, they generally
gave glucose but for people on the pump they generally did not unless the
person wanted it.  They felt that the patient knew best.  I was happy to
hear that because usually hospitals feel they know best and when it comes to
handling a diabetics blood sugar we have to be our own experts.

Type 1 almost 30 years, pumping 4 years
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