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Re: [IP] Calculating insulin still in system

> In the book Pumping Insulin on page 126 you should find the answer to 
>your question
>Good Luck..Jim

I found that his formula is a good starting place, but not altogether 
accurate.  I spoke with him on the phone, and he said that they came up 
with a good balance to help prevent lows from occurring as a result of 
using the formula, but that it isn't necessary a perfect formula.

I found for myself that the standard unused insulin rule (30% gone 
every hour) left much to be desired.  I find that my bolus lasts about 
3.5 hours, not 3.3.  I also find that the ratio is more geared towards 
Novolog, which has a smoother distribution curve than Humalog.  Humalog 
tends to act with a greater percentage gone in the first 1.5 hours.

I now use a formula of 85% insulin used up in 1.75 hours, and the 
remaining 15% over the next 1.75 hours.  This is a LOT more accurate 
for me.  FYI.
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