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[IP] Disetronic, the FDA and Looking at New Pumps

Hi all....  Strange I can't find this info anywhere -
not here on IP (or, at least, I haven't seen any
messages about it), and I haven't seen any of this on
the FDA site (course, I only quickly glanced through
it for a couple minutes the other day)......  *Shrugs*
 Anyways, for those who are in this "boat," are you
going to wait until your warranty is over, or are you
going to replace your pump before then?

Got a notice from Disetronic on Tuesday, basically
mentioning that the FDA no longer approved the
manufactoring of my pump.  I called Disetronic (I
wanted to know how this affected me since I've been
using this pump nearly 4 years, and besides, I've
NEVER had any problems with my pumps) and spoke with
someone from the company.  I found out that the FDA's
decision is NOT just with the H-TRON/H-TRONplus - it
happens to be with ALL the pumps they manufacture.  

I was told, in a nutshell, that Disetronic would
continue to work with those who had a warranty (for
those who wanted to continue using their pump), but
would NOT sell to any new customers or do any
upgrades.  I was told that I could get a replacement
pump (from a different company), but it was based upon
the remaining time left of my warrantly. 

On a side note, I saw my CDE for bloodwork this
morning, and discussed some of the features for pumps
I could possibly use once my warranty ran out (which
is less than 6 months from now).  So far, I'm looking
at/researching info on the new Paradigm from MiniMed,
the new Deltec CoZmo that may be coming out early next
year (it's supposed to have the meter attached to the
pump), and the Animas pump.  I figure I'm going to ask
my endo when I see him this afternoon if I can do
saline/insulin trials for the pumps I'm interested
in....  I'm in no rush to switch pumps (again, my
pumps have NEVER given me problems), but still, I
figure it can't hurt to have made my decision so that
when my warranty does run out I'll be set to get a new
pump....  In other words, it looks like I'm going to
be "like a kid at the candy store" for the next 6
months or so trying to decide which pump I like best -
doing the "I want that one, but I like this one, no,
that OTHER one looks good too,....etc., etc."!  Ack! 

Melissa Collins
email @ redacted
Happily Pumping since being Assimilated February 22, 2000!
To pump or not to pump, that is the question..............

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