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Re: [IP] Re: An analogy?

On Friday, July 25, 2003,  "Laurie Davis" <email @ redacted>  

> When we were driving up the narrow road to Yosemite National Park, I 
> told my
> boyfriend that this is like being diabetic

LOL!   I remember when I started hearing the term "excursions" for bg's 
out of normal range, and thinking that was an exciting way to look at 
it <gr.>, but I'll have to see if I can now improve my outlook on life 
by thinking about beautiful mountain scenery!

>  - there is a narrow road that you
> need to stay on and if you go a little to one direction you would go
> straight down the mountain (in some cases there isn't even a 
> guardrail) and
> if you go a little the other direction and you would go too high and 
> hit the
> side of the mountain going up.  Furthermore, there are things that are 
> out
> of you control that could cause you to get off the road (crazy drivers,
> falling rocks, bears, etc.).

And, if we haven't decided to forget about the whole thing, it can be 
very hard for some of us not to creep along at 5 miles an hour.  Others 
just speed through and take the risks.

But I haven't figured out how to extend the analogy to all those times 
we do fall off the road and are able to get back on <gr.>.  Maybe the 
bump into the mountain part -- we probably come away with some dents.

And I also like Barbara's analogy about
> not having plenty of
> blood glucose strips is like driving a car down a road, 24 hours a day,
> but being allowed to open your eyes only a few times during that 24
> hours to see where you are on the road!!!!"
but it doesn't make me feel any more competent about driving that 
mountain road, even at my average of 10 tests a day <gr.>.

Linda Z
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