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[IP] All Highs Treat with a Shot!

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On the pump or on MDI correct all highs with a SHOT of a FAST INSULIN from a
Then start to figure out what might be wrong.

   Is ita kink in the tubing or an infusion site that is failing early?
  Or a stripped drive shaft in the pump or any number of other posiblle
But mean while the needed insulin will be in there WORKING to lower your
HIGH Blood Sugar.
I use my syringes over and over until the markings on the barrel start to
ware off.
After 49 3/4 years your hide gets kind of thick and you can not feel
If you only use a syringe every few days you can get a bottle of normal
saline at a pharmacy and flush the used syringes out.
This way any old insulin will not contaminate the fresh you are going to
.Charles Soderstrom DDS   T1 since 10/53 at age 19
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