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Re: [IP] Switch to Novolog

THe exact thing happened to my daughter --i just put her back on humalog
this am.  i was so disapointed that she didnt respond to
the novalog better.  Cherie  mommy to Kara age 10  dx 1-98 pumping 2-01
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> We are/were trying Novolog because her numbers are always so inconsistent.
> It was worth a try to see if things would stabilize.
> Needless to say, I just switched her back to Humolog after 24 hours on
>  Novolog. Novolog was acting like plain water and I was afraid to
continue. Her
> numbers have been OVER 300 all but about two hours of the time on
>  Novolog...including over 600! She is now down to 479 with no keytones and
> eating popcorn.
> She had large keytones early this AM. I started giving her
> with a humolog pen around 3:30am, which did very little to correct her bs.
> Elizabeth is 12, on a 1:10 carb ratio and a 1:50 correction factor.
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