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[IP] Re: An analogy?

Barbara - I liked your analogy
"I was all set, mentally at least, to tell them that not having plenty of
blood glucose strips is like driving a car down a road, 24 hours a day,
but being allowed to open your eyes only a few times during that 24
hours to see where you are on the road!!!!"

When we were driving up the narrow road to Yosemite National Park, I told my
boyfriend that this is like being diabetic - there is a narrow road that you
need to stay on and if you go a little to one direction you would go
straight down the mountain (in some cases there isn't even a guardrail) and
if you go a little the other direction and you would go too high and hit the
side of the mountain going up.  Furthermore, there are things that are out
of you control that could cause you to get off the road (crazy drivers,
falling rocks, bears, etc.).    It was really beautiful but not for timid

When my blood sugar is really good, I feel great and feel I "can enjoy the
great view" but also feel fearful of going too high or too low because I
know it won't last.  Sometimes I think I sabotage myself when its too good
because I feel that I'm just waiting for the other shoe to fall and for it
to go bad.  Sometimes its just because I can only be intense about it for so
long and then I have to ease up.  Does anyone else feel this way?

Age 45, Type 1 - almost 30 years, pumping 4 years
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