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Re: [IP] Infusion set problems

Scott H.,

  My Joshua is the pumper.  When he first started pumping 3+ years ago,
NOTHING would stick to his skin.  We were averaging 5-6 sites in 7 days.  Then
found out about Mastisol Liquid Adhesive.  Now the sites stick to him, even
when in a pool for hours or in the hot tub!  I firmly believe that if not for
this stuff Josh would not be able to pump!

Ferndale Laboratories  www.ferndalelabs.com  (888) 548-0900

This comes in either a 4 oz bottle, about $20.00 (US) or individual one-use
vialsb&bring LOTS of $$$$.  These are terribly expensive.

I use a QTip dipped in the liquid and swab a circle on the site area, leaving
the center free of Mastisol.  Fan this for a second to allow it to start
getting tacky (we learned this step the HARD wayb&LOLb&!!!!)  Insert and
They also sell Detachol, an Adhesive remover.  We never used ours.  This stuff
is really cheap, like $10.00 for the bottle.  We use an adhesive remover pad
I get from our local Navy hospital.  Then I top off all the old sites with
Neosporin to help prevent infections.  This also helps promote healing.  Our
loves how Josh's skin looksb&no scars!

Good Luck!

mom to Joshua
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