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Re: [IP] IP "but im type 2"

>I "spoke" (via IM) with a man that I've know since childhood today & he 
>told me
>that he has been diagnosed with Type 2. I asked him how often he tests, his
>reply was once every 3 months. He was referring to his HbA1C. He doesn't test,

This makes me think of my neighbor who has been diagnosed Type 2.  She once 
asked my what my "number" was.  I didn't know which number she was talking 
about.  I asked her if she meant the A1c... she didn't know what that 
was.  I then asked her if she meant fasting bg, and she wasn't sure, but 
she thought that's what she meant.  Talk about really clueless.  I also 
chuckled the time I met a newly diagnosed Type 2.  We were at a meter 
demonstration (I was trying to get a freebie.)  When the meter rep asked 
him how often he tested he replied "once each day" and then he made a 
comment about his poor sore fingers.  I looked at my poor, scarred fingers 
and said, "well try it 10 times each day" which is when the rep gladly 
handed me a free meter.  <vbg>

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