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[IP] Re: to suspend or not suspend, that is the question

>>>I have to go in for an open biopsy tomorrow morning, 2 lymph nodes in my
breast.  The nurse called me today and said that the surgeon was not
with the insulin pump (I live in a very small town and I'm going to the
"little" hospital rather than the "big" hospital an hour away) and suggested
that I "turn it off"  during the surgery so I wouldn't go low during the
procedure.  My surgery is not scheduled until 10:00 am.  My question is,
I turn off my pancreas during surgery if I had one that worked?  Why would I
turn off my portable pancreas?>>>


You are absolutely correct. The key words of your post are that *the surgeon
was not familiar
with the insulin pump* - therefore, he does NOT know what he is requiring of
you. I'm SURE he thinks you have long-acting insulin in you and that will
carry you over. NOT!!!  Can you at all request to see the anesthesiologist
ASAP? That person will keep you alive during the procedure and when they
understand what is happening, it's a big plus for you and any other pumpers
in the future. I did meet with my anesth before my Gortex Loop was grafted
into my forearm for dialysis and he was extremely grateful for the
*education.* He did want me to cut my basal 50% and I agreed IF my BG was
low just prior to the surgery. It was 169 so I left it alone. When I got out
it was 149 or so and I could heal better and I was okay.

If this is not agreeable to the surgeon, ask if they remove the pancreas of
non-DMers before their surgeries? Same thing!

>>>  I'm a little hesitant to turn it off.  The want by BG anywhere from
140-200 before surgery.   Surgery will take an hour or so and will be under
general anesthesia. >>>

The stress of the surgery will probably prevent you from going low. If you
are 140 before surgery like they want it, it will *probably* remain that or
higher during and after. An explanation of how Humalog/Novolog works and is
quickly out of the system will alert them that they really could send you
into DKA if you didn't wake up as easily as they want.

Best to you, dear.

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