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[IP] Re: to suspend or not suspend, that is the question

IMHO, the reason they want your BG that high, is because they are not
familiar with the ability to control BG levels an y better...they worry
about it going too low.  every surgery I have ever had, they preferred 200
to 110 ARGH!!!

Can you make sure it is at 120-140 before you go to surgery and give them
specific instructions for the time you will not be able to 'help' them?
(maybe the endo can give help? for these temporary insturcitons?

The last surgery I had, I had to prove to the nurse that I was interested in
keeping it under 150, and she was congratualtory on that (told me that most
of their patients dont' really care, etc), and was a plus in convincing the
doctor to not get it too high, etc while I was out.....

Good luck on your surgery :-)

----- Original Message -----

> I have to go in for an open biopsy tomorrow morning, 2 lymph nodes in my
> breast.  The nurse called me today and said that the surgeon was not
> with the insulin pump (I live in a very small town and I'm going to the
> "little" hospital rather than the "big" hospital an hour away) and
> that I "turn it off"  during the surgery so I wouldn't go low during the
> procedure.  My surgery is not scheduled until 10:00 am.  My question is,
> I turn off my pancreas during surgery if I had one that worked?  Why would
> turn off my portable pancreas?  I'm a little hesitant to turn it off.  The
> want by BG anywhere from 140-200 before surgery.   Surgery will take an
> or so and will be under general anesthesia.  I'm sure someone out there
> gone through this or a similar situation.  Any advise would be greatly
> appreciated.  Thanks....  Tina
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