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[IP] to suspend or not suspend, that is the question

I have to go in for an open biopsy tomorrow morning, 2 lymph nodes in my
breast.  The nurse called me today and said that the surgeon was not familiar
with the insulin pump (I live in a very small town and I'm going to the
"little" hospital rather than the "big" hospital an hour away) and suggested
that I "turn it off"  during the surgery so I wouldn't go low during the
procedure.  My surgery is not scheduled until 10:00 am.  My question is, would
I turn off my pancreas during surgery if I had one that worked?  Why would I
turn off my portable pancreas?  I'm a little hesitant to turn it off.  The
want by BG anywhere from 140-200 before surgery.   Surgery will take an hour
or so and will be under general anesthesia.  I'm sure someone out there has
gone through this or a similar situation.  Any advise would be greatly
appreciated.  Thanks....  Tina
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