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Re: [IP] Nighttime Sleeping raises my sugar

I have the same issue and control it by taking the following steps:

1.  I try not to eat at all after 7pm
2.  If I do eat after 7pm, I try to eat carbs only (or really low protein or
fat content) and bolus appropriately for the carbs.
3.  If I do eat something after 7pm and it's loaded with fat or protein,  I'll
bolus for the known carb content and boost by basal by about 30% for 4 hours
after I fall asleep.

As long as my sugars are normal before falling asleep, one of the above 3
actions will keep me normal until I wake up in the morning.  For me, the act
of falling asleep increases by basal insulin needs and adding food into the
mix just complicates the calculations.

Good luck, you're not alone in this.  =)

--- Tami Grgas <email @ redacted> wrote:
> I have noticed the same thing here. My answer is to change my insulin/carb
> ratio for night time snacks........my usual ratio is 1u/9g............after
> 7pm it is 1u/8g......this seems to work for me.
> Tami in Tucson
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