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Re: [IP] Nighttime Sleeping raises my sugar

I have noticed the same thing here. My answer is to change my insulin/carb
ratio for night time snacks........my usual ratio is 1u/9g............after
7pm it is 1u/8g......this seems to work for me.
Tami in Tucson

 I have been doing basal testing and carb ratio testing over the last few
 months. I have found something interesting and I wonder if anyone else has
same issue.  At night, if I eat dinner at 6pm, go to bed at 10pm, my sugar
 perfect all night. If I eat dinner at 6pm, snack at 8pm, go to bed at 10pm,
 sugar rises from 10pm - 12am by about 100pts. I have tried different
 fat), no-fat dinner, etc, so it just seems snacking after dinner makes my
go up when I go to bed.  So, now I set a square at 930pm for 2.5 hrs and
keeps my sugar stable all night if I have a 8pm snack.

  I talked to a fellow pumper a few weeks ago and he noticed the same thing.
am wondering how common it is.  Does anyone else have this issue?  What do
do to solve it?

  Also, I wanted to say thanks for the pumpers who liked my fat ratio and
ratio knowledge that I shared last week.  It is nice to know that we can
our knowledge on this email list and good comes out of it.  Like I said in
original email, you have to experiement conservatively and you will be
surprised at how well this works!!

Thanks - Melissa
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