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[IP] HaPpY dAnCiNg

This is what happened early this morning....

 <I had an interesting call yesterday morning(Wed) just before lunch. Tuesday
night, I emailed two insulin pump companies...one directly(Animas) and one to
get a video (only option for that one, Minimed). Well, the one that I got to
email directly called me in response to the email! And it looks like I may
actually get a pump!!!!!!!!

 Back last summer when I first started insulin I ended up in the ER after going
down to 26. Didn't mean to, obviously, just didn't calculate my humalog dose
correctly for what I was eating and WHAM! Well, that is a definite help toward
my case for a pump. So the Animas rep emailed me the release form for me to sign
and fax back. And my husband just took all the stuff he needed to work with him
to fax back today. So CROSS your toes and PRAY!!!!!>

Now...here, as Paul Harvey is fond of saying, is the rest of the story....

 I have BEEN APPROVED for the pump!!!!!! My insurance (Aetna Open Access PPO is
paying 100% of the pump, 100% of the supplies and I could have it as early as
the END of NEXT WEEK!!!!!!!!

HaPpY dAnCiNg, HaPpY dAnCiNg, HaPpY dAnCiNg!!!! Liz

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