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[IP] Re:Nighttime Sleeping raises my sugar


I am not pumping yet, but I have the same problem, eve snacks after dinner
without some fast insulin and lah tee dah, high fasting BG levels

Since I am taking Lantus and cannot mix Humalog (or anything else) with it,
I am left with 1) taking 2 injections at bedtime/eve   2) skipping the snack
BOTH are  :-(

Interestingly enough, for years (before the Lantus) when I took long acting
insulin, I had a different problem, that I HAD to eat before bed or suffer
from overnight lows.....guess that means that for me, the Lantus did/does
deliver a more even amt of insulin (like the pumps basal?) while the other
long acting insulins I tried/used had a hump in their delivery....

----- Original Message -----

>   I have been doing basal testing and carb ratio testing over the last few
>  months. I have found something interesting and I wonder if anyone else
has the
> same issue.  At night, if I eat dinner at 6pm, go to bed at 10pm, my sugar
>  perfect all night. If I eat dinner at 6pm, snack at 8pm, go to bed at
10pm, my
>  sugar rises from 10pm - 12am by about 100pts. I have tried different
>  fat), no-fat dinner, etc, so it just seems snacking after dinner makes my
> go up when I go to bed.  So, now I set a square at 930pm for 2.5 hrs and
> keeps my sugar stable all night if I have a 8pm snack.
>   I talked to a fellow pumper a few weeks ago and he noticed the same
thing. I
> am wondering how common it is.  Does anyone else have this issue?  What do
> do to solve it?
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