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[IP] An analogy?

My blood sugar jumped when my drug store informed me that my insurance 
co. was cutting my bg strips allowance in half!!  Of course it was on a 
weekend so I had to wait until Monday to call and ask WHY!!!!  Although 
I would never have discussed this at length with the insur. rep., I was 
all set, mentally at least, to tell them that not having plenty of 
blood glucose strips is like driving a car down a road, 24 hours a day, 
but being allowed to open your eyes only a few times during that 24 
hours to see where you are on the road!!!!  I could elaborate on how 
far I took this analogy in my mind and I was all steamed up ready to 
go.  However, when I finally reached the insurance company, quick as a 
wink they said, "OH, we always try to accommodate diabetics with what 
they need---you just need to renew it yearly."  That was too easy.   
Meanwhile, I still love my analogy. What do you think...do you have a 
better one just in case?

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