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[IP] Tape allergy solutions

I had reported in the past that I was experiencing tape allergies.  I 
originally became allergic to the IV3000 tape so badly that I thought I 
had a bad cold for weeks, etc.

I called up MM, and they sent out a package of samples to try.  I tried 
each of them, and found that the Tegaderm tape worked without issues.  
At the same time, I was told to switch from using IV Prep to just 

Well, after a couple months of using the Tegaderm, I started to react 
to that as well.  The area under and surrounding the tape was 
developing an itchy rash, and the skin was becoming damaged.

I called MM again (on advice from my doctor) to find another solution.  
So, a week ago I called.  She told me to stop using ANY soap, alcohol, 
etc.  Basically, if I need to cleanse the area, only use a soap 
called "hibacleanse" (which I have yet to get).  Otherwise, do NOT use 
anything else because it washed away the natural oils in the skin that 
help protect it and keept it from drying out.  She said the alcohol was 
a VERY bad thing to use if you are experiencing allergies because it 
dries on the skin (as do most of the other alcohol-based skin preps).

She also recommended putting on a lotion or create to the area to help 
moisturize the skin.  

So, a week later, I'm already noticing a HUGE improvement.  No 
itchiness or red rash, even after a site is in for 2 1/2 days.  (I 
never go longer than 3 days on any site.)

Anyhow, I just wanted to report this for those people who are also 
experiencing allergies.  I really couldn't believe that using alcohol 
and soap (for me, it was Aveno, which is SUPPOSED to be mild anyhow) 
was causing the problem...but it appears it was!  (Basically, it allows 
the tape to get "into" the skin since the protective oils in the skin 
have been removed.

So, give it a whirl!  Hats off to MM for helping track down this 
problem.  I'll see after a month if it continues to improve.  (My skin 
is still damaged from months of having this problem, so it is likely to 
get better.)

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