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Re: [IP] re:MiniMed misc

 Two weeks ago my paradigm pump died,on a Friday morning. I called MM and the
man on the phone was soo nice and concerned... .He RUSHED me a new pump which
was suppose to be here Saturday morning and it was here in Raleigh sitting on a
shelf at Fed EX. Luckily my friend works for Fed EX and saw it and called me.MM
rocks in my book.
Almost Pumping for a YEAR
Bonne' Cowger-Roszel
email @ redacted wrote:
judith said:
The tech support person at Minimed was probably upset because you found out 
- - as a number of others have - that the Paradigm is not always 
water-proof., as advertised.

My reply:
Frankly, I think you are wrong. The tech support lady was so incredibly sweet 
to me. She was concerned that the pump stopped working, but more importantly 
she was concerned about me and my health. She was horrified that the pump had 
died. She kept saying that it was not supposed to do that and she would get me 
a replacement as soon as possible. You were not on the phone with her, I was. 
I was the one dealing with this situation and I was the one who was being 
treated like a goddess over the phone. This lady did everything she could to
me out in my situation. By comparing my new replacement pump to my dead pump 
i did noticed that there was more space in the back and apparently that is 
where water had gotten in. I noticed this before and didn't do anything about
It is my fault for not calling mm up and telling them this BEFORE i got in 
the water. MM has treated me wonderfully over the past 11 years. I feel
that there are people out there who have not been treated the way i have, the 
way they should. 

dxd age 7 1988 pumping 1992
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