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[IP] re:amylin/symlin

i am currently in the study. I have been since dec 02. I was recently told by 
the coordinator for the center i go to that it should be available by the 
time i have my last follow up appointment this december. 

I do have to say that it is the biggest pain in the royal behind to have to 
remember to take 3 extra shots. My biggest complaint is that it isn't mixed in 
with insulin. They will loose a large portion of their market if they don't do 
something about this. Nausea is the biggest side effect, but goes away for 
most people after the first week or so.

I hate to say it, but i am feeling now that i wouldn't recommend it until it 
is mixed with insulin. or else they find away for pump users to get it 

My total insulin usage has been cut in half. i do tend to have less spikes as 
well. This is a great product. I just wish i didn't  have to take 3 shots a 
day on top of using my pump to get it. I would rather be off the pump taking 
 the extra three shots or not using it at all right now. Sorry If i sound
im just so frustrated with the extra shots. Everyone that i know who is also 
on this study happens to love it. My endo back in San Diego is on it and he 
 lost about 7 pounds without even trying. He loves it. He also went off the pump
when he joined the study. 

I do hope that they get FDA approval because I know that this drug will help 
out so many of us. It really is a good drug, just wish there was an easier way 
of delivering it to our bodies <sigh>

dxd age 7 1988  pumping 1992
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