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Re: [IP] Animas Pump Priming Question

>Can anyone tell me why I am having trouble priming?  It just doesn't seem to
>go rapidly, takes three times to get it to drip five drops.  I know I am doing
>something wrong, but what?
>Thanks for any Animas tips.

Are you "shaking" or "tapping" the piston rod into the 'down' 
position?  When you remove the spent cartridge, give the pump a 
downward shake and you will hear the piston rod descend.  Keep the 
pump in an upright position so that the rod does not retract into the 
pump and slide your new cartridge into place.  You will feel a slight 
resistance as the plunger pushes the piston rod back into the pump. 
This procedure will shorten the travel time of the piston rod.

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