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[IP] A good sign...

First, my journey to the pump is moving right along, but a bit slower than
I wanted.  As I was afraid of, the doctor was holding the form the pump
company sent him until he heard from me.  I emailed him yesterday, and he
responded today that he is going to send the form off tomorrow (he is out
of the office on Wednesday's).  I'll be in Friday again, and double check
it got sent.

Several people emailed me privately and  seemed a bit bothered when I said
that the pump was going to end up costing me double out of pocket if I did
it now, instead of waiting in January when we're supposed to go to a new
insurance that will have better durable equipment coverage.  Well, that
"problem" got solved.  I got my paycheck from my school district today and
it had an extra amount of money in it that will more than covered the
difference in the co pay.

It's funny because yesterday evening I was going over the decision with a
school teacher friend of mine.  She's almost old enough to be my mother,
and she gives me a lot of that type of advice.  She urged me to do it now,
too, rather than wait -- and we both agreed that somehow in the next few
months I'd be able to get some extra money doing something for the school
to cover it.  And here is it already!

In case people are wondering about this ... that's the advantage of
working for an extremely large school district with a strong teacher
union.  So far this year, I've made extra money teaching an extra class
(and I am thinking that is where the money came from, as they paid me last
month for the spring semester, and it was twice what I got for the fall
semester), I've made extra money writing a district final and I've made
extra money writing curriculum for the district.  I can make extra money
tutoring at-risk students, or any number of other programs.  We
occasionally get stipends we didn't really know about until after we get
them -- that's happened a few times -- sometimes for grant money the
district got for teaching a special population, or for teaching a special
subject ... which could also be the reason for the extra money.

I kind of feel that this is a sign too, that I'm supposed to do the pump
now.  I feel strongly about signs.
Kathleen Weaver
Marcie (beagle) Bettner's Byte O Magic, NA, NAJ, NAP, NJP, CGC
Maggie (beagle)
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