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Re: [IP] How quick is bolus

Exactly, this was my point in a priviously reply, its great that you check
yourself, but
understanding whats still working is very improtant.

Bout a month ago or more, a young lady was on ABC's good morining america,
he pump failed 
and she was able to get another from the local rep. In the meantime she had
been taking
Huamlog with a syringe to compensate for the lack of a pump. She took a nap
and woke
up high ???, so in order to compensate for that she took more Humalog, not
into consideration what was still working, and her son, 4 or 5 year old had
call 911.

Because you high doesn't mean its the end of the world, if your continually
high you need to 
understand why. 

Its been my experience that a high or low has a directly related reason,
miscounted carbs,
oops a little high or a little low. Too much activity, a little low.
I've learned to suspend my pump if my BS are good about 1 hour before
lunch. Example if
its 85 at 11:00AM and i have lunch at 11:30 (and i do most times) stopping
the pump
won't make a big difference as i'm pretty active all day.

Hope this makes some sense,


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> If I am fighting a bad high (over 300) and especially if it's in the
evening -
>I will check at 1 hour - I just want to see "some" movement downward. I
make no
>additional corrections or anything at that point. At two hours I check
again -
>at that point I will calculate how much insulin has been used on the 1/3 for
>each hour.
> Example - say I took a 9 unit correction - so 2 hours later I figure that
>are still 3 units working - but I'm still high enough that a correction
bolus at
>that time would be a total of 6 units - I subtract what is still going - so
>would take an additional 3 at that time.
>This has worked well for me. I am pretty aggressive with highs.
>Linda & Dax
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