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Re: [IP] possible pump failure

I agree with this, and each person has to determine what their
expectations are for their pump.  And everyone should have a backup plan. 
For me, I determined that 12 pumps in less than two years was just too
many, but that is a determination that each person has to make on their
own, but failure after failure is very frustrating, especially when you
have things happen like you wake up and the pump is just dead and there
was no warning.  Things like that just should not happen, especially not
more than once, IMHO, but others may have different thoughts.  For the
money my insurance company and I paid, it wasn't acceptable to me.

Judi in MI
email @ redacted
 > But I still say that the attitude should be: I expect my pump to
 > to send it back repeated times (and there are those on this list who had have
> do so) because of failures and expecting it to fail as the norm is a BAD
> attitude.  Linda & Dax
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