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[IP] Re: yoga?


I've been doing yoga (Bikram's) for some time and have seen a marked 
improvement in all aspects of my life. I have bad joints so yoga is the 
perfect thing for me! The room (in Bikram's) is pretty darn warm, so my 
muscles get nice and loose and it's pretty hard to hurt myself by over 
stretching. Yoga is an exercise that allows your body to do only as 
much as it can do...it's the exact opposite of regular (read: 
competitive) sports. I have lost ~ 2" over my hips, thighs and tummy 
and feel better every day I do it. If you aren't in the best shape 
(since Bikram's really raises your heart rate!!), try Hatha or Iyengar 
yoga...they focus on the same poses, but you spend several classes on 
one pose, more focused on form than Bikram's...you get the same 
benefits with less stress on your system (many people experience heat-
related problems with Bikram's)...

I'll try to find some links to post here so you can check them out and 
find out what you like!

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