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[IP] Re: Correction ...

as Len and Ryan are showing us, we REALLY need a closed loop system that
puts the insulin right where it needs to go, not  in tissue, but where a
working pancreas puts it and of course the monitoring to tell the system
when and what to do...ah, I can dream big, cant' I?  <VBG>

so overwhelmed by all the math that it scares me, and I am just in the
process of waiting for a pump
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> lots of stuff deleted!!
> First, you need to know how much unused insulin is still in your system
> after you gave your correction.  Once you have a decent unused insulin
> rule, you can then test, say, 2 hours later and see if your BG level
> has dropped according to how much insulin has been used.
> In your example, if apply the "standard" unused insulin rule of 30%
> used up every hour, then after 2 hours, if you gave 4 units, then 60%,
> or 2.4 units, have been used up.  2.4 units SHOULD have lowered your BG
> level by 48 points, or 152.  When you test your BG level, and you find,
> however, that it is actually 190, then you know that the insulin you
> gave won't be enough.  At this point, you have to re-calculate your
> insulin requirements for 190 (which would be 3.5 units) and subtract
> out unused insulin (which would be 1.6 units).  This means you
> can "safely" give an additional correction of 1.9 units.
> A lot of calculations, but for me, I just use Logbook DM to handle all
> the work for me, so for me the entire correction only takes seconds to
> do.  The biggest key is coming up with a fairly accurate unused insulin
> rule for yourself.
> For ME, I use the following unused insulin rule that works VERY well:
> I assume that humalog will last a TOTAL of 3.5 hours.  I also calculate
> that 85% of the insulin will be used up in the first 1.75 hours, and
> the remaining 15% will be used up in the last 1.75 hours.  (Again,
> Logbook DM handles this calculation for me, so it isn't difficult.)
> Hope this helps!!!  :-) (Once again, YMMV.)
> Ryan
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