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[IP] How quick is bolus?

Thanks for all the answers to my question. jimb, though was the only one (in
his first sentence that was the answer I was looking for!) I understand the
1-3 hour correction time (YMMV)...I'll reword my question so we're all clear.
During the last several days I have had higher than normal for me, BS.
Yesterday afternoon my BS was unusually high FOR ME (232), I decided to change
my infusion site, thinking bad site, change......I did a correction bolus
(this was 4 hours after doing the last meal bolus) All I needed to know is:
when you bolus, does that insulin immediately (after pump beeps) go into your
body? So, it is safe for me to go on and disconnect, change site, etc. THEN
check BS again in 1+ hours, just to be sure it is coming down. No need to
answer again. Thanks. I really enjoy all I read on IP!

S Pierce
dxd 1/66
pump 1/03
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