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[IP] Re: Correction ...Was Re:How quick is bolus

>So, lets say, im at 200... and i use 1 unit to drop 20 points ..
>it seems like i should take 4 units, to get to 120..... 
>how long do i wait, and how soon do i test, so as not
>to or stay too high, nor go too low???
> (though a good (and interesting) explanation, the real issue, is NOT, 
>What happens, but, "How do i (we) deal with it" ?)


Sure...turn a perfectly reasonable answer into a more difficult 
question!  ;-)

I can't answer absolutely, since, (as you know) it is a YMMV thing.  
BUT, in general, you have to look at it this way:

First, you need to know how much unused insulin is still in your system 
after you gave your correction.  Once you have a decent unused insulin 
rule, you can then test, say, 2 hours later and see if your BG level 
has dropped according to how much insulin has been used.

In your example, if apply the "standard" unused insulin rule of 30% 
used up every hour, then after 2 hours, if you gave 4 units, then 60%, 
or 2.4 units, have been used up.  2.4 units SHOULD have lowered your BG 
level by 48 points, or 152.  When you test your BG level, and you find, 
however, that it is actually 190, then you know that the insulin you 
gave won't be enough.  At this point, you have to re-calculate your 
insulin requirements for 190 (which would be 3.5 units) and subtract 
out unused insulin (which would be 1.6 units).  This means you 
can "safely" give an additional correction of 1.9 units.

A lot of calculations, but for me, I just use Logbook DM to handle all 
the work for me, so for me the entire correction only takes seconds to 
do.  The biggest key is coming up with a fairly accurate unused insulin 
rule for yourself.

For ME, I use the following unused insulin rule that works VERY well:

I assume that humalog will last a TOTAL of 3.5 hours.  I also calculate 
that 85% of the insulin will be used up in the first 1.75 hours, and 
the remaining 15% will be used up in the last 1.75 hours.  (Again, 
Logbook DM handles this calculation for me, so it isn't difficult.)

Hope this helps!!!  :-) (Once again, YMMV.)

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