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[IP] Correction ...Was Re:How quick is bolus

>WHen you eat more than you have insulin for, your BG levels rise.  As 
>your BG levels rise, your body will slow the digestion of whatever 
>remaining food is in your system.  So, there is still food that hasn't 
>been digested that is still entering your bloodstream.

>If you then correct for this, it starts to bring down the BG level just 
>as quickly as always...except that now the body will start to digest 
>the remaining food, allowing more carbs to enter the system.  So, this 
>kind of keeps the BG elevated longer.

(sorry for the long quote, but, i wanted to include it)

thanks Ryan... as good an explanation, as i could imagine.....

So, lets say, im at 200... and i use 1 unit to drop 20 points ..
it seems like i should take 4 units, to get to 120..... 

how long do i wait, and how soon do i test, so as not
to or stay too high, nor go too low???

 (though a good (and interesting) explanation, the real issue, is NOT, What

but, "How do i (we) deal with it" ?)

(it does appear, that its easy, to push a few buttons, and Over Do IT)
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