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[IP] Re:512 meter


Well, I can't make a comparison to Cozmo...but I, personally, wouldn't 
be so worried about the 512 experiencing similar problems that the 511 
had.  The 512 and 511 pumps are mechanically identical pumps.  It isn't 
a real change at the pump level, but it is almost entirely a software 
change.  In fact, people on the 511 pump can get a software-upgraded 
511 pump that makes it function as the 512.

All of the problems that have since been resolved on the 511 will also 
already be solved on the 512.  The software changes they have made seem 
relatively minor in terms of what could go wrong at this point.

Again, though, I'm merely providing you with information to make your 
decision from. :-)


>I have had no problems with my MM 507C over
>the last 4 years but am afraid that there will be problems with the 512
>similar to when the Paradigm first came out.
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