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[IP] Re: pump failures

>This is a HORRIBLE way to think - do people with a pacemaker implanted 
>in their chests just assume it's going to fail - and hope they are 
>somewhere near a hospital when it does?

Pacemakers are actually much simpler devices than insulin pumps, I do 
believe.  Anyhow, MOST people with pacemakers do not require them to 
survive every minute of they day.  If the pacemaker fails, their heart 
MAY start beating too slowly, which will cause them to get weak and 
sluggish, etc.  They will have to seek alternative treatment very 

Likewise, without our pumps, we will survive...but our BG levels will 
rise, and we'll have to seek alternative treatment very quickly.

I must say that I don't think any pump maker is putting out "shabby" 
equipment.  These devices are very complex devices and go through 
rigorous testing.  But, nothing is failsafe.  Even in areas that are 
necessary to be "failsafe", and they even have 2 or 3 backup systems 
will, from time to time, fail.  
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