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[IP] Re:How quick is bolus

Correction will appear to take longer primarily due to the fact that a 
high BG level usually means it is still rising.

WHen you eat more than you have insulin for, your BG levels rise.  As 
your BG levels rise, your body will slow the digestion of whatever 
remaining food is in your system.  So, there is still food that hasn't 
been digested that is still entering your bloodstream.

If you then correct for this, it starts to bring down the BG level just 
as quickly as always...except that now the body will start to digest 
the remaining food, allowing more carbs to enter the system.  So, this 
kind of keeps the BG elevated longer.

There are other reasons that contribute to this, but this is the 
primary reason that a correction bolus will seem to take longer than a 
meal bolus.

>Len wrote:
> maybe its me.... under most conditions, humalog kicks in , pretty 
> quick,and
> seems
> to have done its job, within and hour or 2
> BUT, for some strange reason, if im correcting, it could take 3 to 4
> hours.
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