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[IP] BG Meter

 I think maybe one of the reasons that people are getting erros could be that
you don't place the drop of blood on top of the strip. You hold your finger at
the end of the strip and the strip "sucks" up the blood into the little space
provided. If you place the blood drop "on" the strip, you will get an error

 I received my meter with my new paradigm pump and love it so far. The pump
trainer informed us of this at our training. Just thought I would pass it on in
case anyone had this problem.

DX'd 1-1989
Pumping 6-2003
Kerry A. Guidry

Date: Mon, 21 Jul 2003 10:14:32 -0400
From: Ryan Bruner <email @ redacted>
Subject: [IP] BD Logic

A few people posted that they don't like the BD Logic, but use the 
lancet device with their Freestyle or One Touch Ultra.

I haven't tried the BD Logic, but thought that if my One Touch Ultra 
would die, I would try it.  What about it do you all not like?  From 
the descriptions, it SEEMS like it is better than all other meters...

1. It uses the smallest amount of blood of all meters (Freestyle is 
close at .33 uL, but the Logic is supposed to only use .3 uL.
2. Tests in 5 seconds, which is what the Ultra does.  (I'm not willing 
to go to any meter that takes longer than 5 seconds now!!! :-)
3. Size seems comparable to the Freestyle and Ultra.

Those are the benefits.  So, I'm just wondering about the negatives!  :-

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