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[IP] Controlling Lows and Exercising

Hello fellow pumpers!

I found this article in the web since my Pumping Insulin Book is at home and
I needed to figure out how to control my BG ASAP since I am crashing after
exercise (I have added heavy weights to my routine and that is throwing me
off a lot.)  Bad lows (30s and 40s) 6 hours after I complete the exercise
that barely come up (~76) after 9 glucose tabs (yes nine - I was sick of
them after the 4th.)  

I remembered about there being a table and a precise formula one can tailor.
I did that way back and had done it by gut ever since.

Well, here it is:  It explains that whole concept (also explained on the
Pumping Insulin Book) and imbedded in the article is the table with the
amounts that need to be 'considered' for the excarbing.  It helps people
reduce the amount of xtra carbs to be consumed due to exercise (a common
complain among diabetics exercising to loose weight) by giving you some
guidelines on how to manage the insulin intake before, during, and after the

It helped me before when I was increasing my level of cardio exercise.  I
strongly recommend this, but again, YMMV.   I hope it helps some of you too.


Eloisa and Libertad (MM's 511 Paradigm)
dx'd 2/11/02 pumping 6/02
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