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[IP] possible pump failure

>>Our pumps are an expensive medical device that we
>>depend on for our lives and assuming it's going to fail is 
>>just a license for companies to put out shabby products. 
>>I bet the pump companies just love thinking like
>>this cuz then they can shove any old thing out and people will buy it, it

>>will fail, but thats ok - it's expected and we the customer put up with their

>>incompetence and arrogance."

i dont know about all that..... we all (most of us), lived before the pump,

and most (i hope), do have a contingency plan....

a number of us, simply pull out the spare...
(if im more then 3 hours from home, its with me)

im no doctor, but, if your pacemaker fails, i THINK( i think, i dont know,...
i think), that death is (can be), a few minutes away...

should my pump fail, death aint happening....
(ok.. if im driving, and i get 20 units, without knowing, then maybe it will...

and, how often has that occurred ????)

OH, and i dont happen to think, that the company who put out my pump,
did a shabby job at all...
"im kinda attached to it" (pun intended)

Your Thoughts May Differ
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