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[IP] possible pump failure

   " This is a HORRIBLE way to think - do people with a pacemaker implanted in
chests just assume it's going to fail - and hope they are somewhere near a
hospital when it does? Our pumps are an expensive medical device that we
on for our lives and assuming it's going to fail is just a license for
to put out shabby products. I bet the pump companies just love thinking like
this cuz then they can shove any old thing out and people will buy it, it
fail, but thats ok - it's expected and we the customer put up with their
incompetence and arrogance."

    If you Do not have yourself prepared for a possible pump failure then you
are asking
for trouble in my opinion.
    YES, all mechanical devices will fail eventually, including pacemakers,
one can only hope
they will last as long as possible with as few problems as possible.  but if
you think these things will
last forever,  that is a HORRIBLE way to think.
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