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Re: [IP] How quick is bolus

maybe its me.... under most conditions, humalog kicks in , pretty quick, and
to have done its job, within and hour or 2 

BUT, for some strange reason, if im correcting, it could take 3 to 4 hours.

it took a number of months (and, is still taking), for me to learn this...
a few members on the list, have been extremely helpful, in this area...

as long, as say, an hour later (+/-), it is going down, (even if its only 10
or 20 points),
I (me), can assume, its not a site problem.... 
(yes... i do understand, the accuracy, of the meter)

IT is hard, to sit and wait....
the BIGGEST thing, i have learned about correcting is:




and, though i surly understand YMMV, ill bet this is an area,
where that applies less, then the norm....
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