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Re: [IP] Adventures with MiniMed and water

 In a message dated 7/22/2003 11:53:07 PM Eastern Standard Time, AdDe9903

 > Even many people would probably be upset that their pump died like this, i
just figure it happens at some point to all of us. Its par of the course with a
mechanical machine.""

 This is a HORRIBLE way to think - do people with a pacemaker implanted in their
chests just assume it's going to fail - and hope they are somewhere near a
hospital when it does? Our pumps are an expensive medical device that we depend
on for our lives and assuming it's going to fail is just a license for companies
to put out shabby products. I bet the pump companies just love thinking like
this cuz then they can shove any old thing out and people will buy it, it will
fail, but thats ok - it's expected and we the customer put up with their
incompetence and arrogance.

We should expect better. I do.

Linda & Dax
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