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Re: [IP] Amylin

At 1:15 AM -0400 7/23/03, email @ redacted wrote:
>I have been reading, recently, about a beta cell-produced hormone called
>amylin, and I am becoming more and more anxious to be able to use it. I think
>that it might really help me to smooth out my postprandial BG's and maybe even
>not have to wait so long after bolusing to be able to eat.
>  I vaguely recall someone posting about this some time ago, I believe saying
>that they had participated in a clinical trial for it. I was wondering if that
>person, or anyone else could give me some further info.

If you had used the Search Tool at I-P you would have found:


which may be the post you were looking for.  Or if you had searched 
all the online references that Michael has included there you would 
have found 321 references on "amylin"

Michael has provided us so many tools to help us not only in 
operating our pumps, diet, our everyday lives, but he also helps us 
with a very large database of data that deals with diabetes in all 
it's aspects.   The I-P website is a "treasure trove" for diabetics. 
USE your website!

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