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[IP] Re: angiography

I am the one who suffered pretty serious hives, etc, and took benadryl and
was monitored for 2 days (because other things that give me hives have
impaired breathign for me!!), and the next time I had the test, I started
with benadryl BEFORE THE TEST, and did fine!!

interestingly enough, the ingredient I am allergic to is the same yellow
stuff in the drops they use for the pressure test (notice when you blot,
that you get yellow)  it has always made me sneeze and my nose run, so I
guess that that should have been a clue?  duh!!


----- Original Message ----- >
> Kathy:  Vegetable dye??????? I had this thing done with the dye several
> ago, and I have never felt so sick in my life.
> My eye DR said they can inject it more slowly (or was it quickly) to help
> out, and that a Benadryl makes some people feel better.
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