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[IP] Re: Getting up the courage to...just stick it!

<I have learned that the LOWER on the abs I do it, the less painful.  And,
on occasion, I have a completely painless insertion.  I noticed no
difference whether I used the inserter or not.  In fact, the few times I
used to give injections in the abs, it hurt just as badly.

So, how many other people have to go through a ritual to get the infusion
site in?  Am I the only person who finds the belly area
extremely sensitive to this?  Just curious!>


When I was on injections for 5 months I preferred to use my abdomen for my
"bolus" shots of Humalog and my butt for Lantus.  I found that using the
tops of my thighs hurt as did the back of my arms.  Most of the time I was
able to stick my stomach with no pain, although it took me awhile to work up
the courage the first time.  The whole idea gave me the heebie jeebies.
Once I got past the psychological part, it was okay.

Since pumping though, the abdomen has become my least favorite spot.  I also
use the 6mm QuickSets and find that it stings when I insert into my stomach
and sometimes it hurts afterwards when I bend or twist in certain
directions.  I've also had more problems with bent cannulas in that area.
If I go too low on the abdomen, I can feel the cannula poking muscle.  One
time after insertion, it hurt so bad my whole right side cramped up and I
couldn't move.  I knew the introducer needle had hit muscle at that point.
I think with shots it was okay because I could pinch up the skin and fat to
inject into, but with the QuickSets, it has to lay flat on the belly.

I now prefer thigh and hip sights, even though I couldn't stand to give
injections in the tops of my thighs before (go figure).  Sometimes I feel a
little sting, sometimes a big sting, and sometimes not much at all.  I have
to breath and tell myself to relax as I do it though, since there's always a
little anxiety.  The couple of times it's hurt really bad are enough to
reinforce the fear, even though most of the time it's not so bad.

dx'd 3/02, pumping 8/02 clear Paradigm
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