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[IP] re:amylin/symlin

hi marianne,
amylin pharmaceutical's product sylmin has not been approved by the fda
yet.last month they submitted an addendum to the fda with the results of a
couple more clinical trials. it *will* be taken by injection when produced,
since it has the same problem of insulin (protein breaking down) if ingested.
you take it before each meal and it helps to reduce the spikes in blood sugar
and help regulate glucagon production.
there are a couple of doctors by me (nj) who have patients on it already and i
am on the waiting list at my doc's office when the approval goes thru. it's
expected to be on the market by very late this year to spring of 2004. as
amylin.com says, it marketed to be an "adjunct to insulin therapy". it's for
people who are on multiple injections/pump who still are labeled "labile" or
"brittle" diabetics -large swings in blood sugar post meal.
there is someone on this list who was involved in the clinical trials also, if
you want first hand experience.

leann marcucci
dx'd 8/00
pumping 9/00
waiting for symlin approval too....
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