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Re: [IP] How quick is bolus

One of the hardest things to remember about pumping is that it is really easy 
to over-bolus....one of the things I will like about the Deltec.  I learned 
this lesson the HARD way with Josh a year or so ago when I ended up 
over-correcting and spent the night paying for it.

Allow an ample time for the bolus to work.  Your body requires some time to 
absorb the insulin then transport it to the cells.  This is not an instant 

For me if I don't see the start of a correction after an hour I may try a 
little bit more but not much then wait another hour.  If not enough drop has 
occurred after TWO hours then I will consider the site change out and would 
 probably do an injection to help things along. Some people will actually
followup a
bolus that doesn't appear to be working with an injection to help rule out or 
confirm a bad site.

Just be careful about over bolusing!

mom to Joshua
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