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[IP] Amylin


 I have been reading, recently, about a beta cell-produced hormone called
amylin, and I am becoming more and more anxious to be able to use it. I think
that it might really help me to smooth out my postprandial BG's and maybe even
not have to wait so long after bolusing to be able to eat.

 I discussed this with my endo at my last visit a few weeks ago. He wasn't sure
if it had been FDA approved yet, but said that he was sure that it would not be
marketed until it could be administered without requiring extra injections
because no one would buy it as it is(He suggested possibly through a second
reservoir in a pump).

 I vaguely recall someone posting about this some time ago, I believe saying
that they had participated in a clinical trial for it. I was wondering if that
person, or anyone else could give me some further info.

 How well has it been found to work? Has it been FDA approved? Are there any
plans to begin marketing it (and if so when)?

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