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[IP] Re: Cataracts and blood sugar levels

I've been pretty busy and haven't had time to read insulin-pumpers much
but did want to pose a question relative to cataract surgery.  I have
cataracts in both eyes and will have surgery on both.  The left is the "old
age" kind (nuclear, my Dad and sister both got cataracts in their 40's) and
the right eye is a cortical cataract which is more common with diabetics.  I
am also very nearsighted and actually excited about getting better vision
(they will remove the cataract and replace with a corrective lens).  Prior
the surgery they measure the length of the eye to determine what lens RX
implant you need.  Since I know blood sugar can effect your vision, I asked
about the impact of high blood sugars on this test.  I was told that blood
sugar won't change the length of the eye.  Does anyone know about this?  I
tried to research it but have not found anything about it.  However I did
that having the cataract surgery can increase retinopathy and glaucoma (my
also has glaucoma) which of course concerns me.  I'm trying very hard to
my blood sugar stable but some things are beyond my control!

Also wanted to comment that the eye doctor I used to have said that high BG
impacted reading vision more than distance vision (in a month my vision
improved by a diopter) and that it takes several weeks for your vision to
return to normal after highs.  I just don't know how high and for how long
before there is an impact to vision.

Age 45, Type 1 almost 30 years, pump 4 years
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