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[IP] Adventures with MiniMed and water

This weekend I was in KY with my boyfriend (who is an EMT) and all his EMT 
co-workers. We spend the weekend in a lake swimming all day. My paradigm did 
great the first two days. On sunday I jump in and feel it vibrate like 
 crazy...pull it out of the water... nothing on the screen. Throw the pump on to
the boat
and say "i'll deal with it later having too much fun". We get back to the 
 house maybe an hour later. Test, im 150, considering we had just had a huge
fat/carb meal and pump dying I think not bad. At this point its 9pm. I call MM 
and immediately get a tech who was more upset about my pump dying then I was! 
 I was just like "it happens what else can i do, i get upset and my bg's are 
going to rocket upwards:. So the lady quickly gets all my info and informs me 
that they no longer make the 511 in the same charcoal color i have it. Ok, so 
i get to pick whichever color I want. Wow, a new pump for me! I went with the 
smoke color. 

That night my bg climbs sky high. If I were not with 8 EMTs I would have been 
freaking out. I was giving so much insulin I was scared I was going to go 
 low. But with all those EMTs there I figured I was in good hands. All night I
feeling just crappy. I have my boyfriend waking me up to test. The next 
 morning, Monday, we get in the car to drive to visit some people in another
of KY before heading back to Champaign, Illinios. I am testing every hour. 
 Nothing I do can get my blood sugar out of the upper 200s- uppper 300s. 17
at once and i go down 20 and thats it. I normally have a ratio of 1u/25. I am 
feeling horrible and tired of all those shots. 
So last night (Monday) when we finally arrive after spending all day in the 
car my boyfriend finally decides to take me into the ER where he works so one 
of the Nurse Practitioners can give me an Rx for NPH. The perks of having your 
boyfriend work in an ER. The NP sat there for about 30 talking to me about how 
every insulin dependent diabetic should be on a pump and how wonderful they 
are. She was so nice to see me, even though she was a bit hesitent to have me 
take anymore insulin when she saw how much i had given myself already. But she 
decided that I was in good hands with my boyfriend because he has the medical 
training to take care of me in case of an emergancy. Otherwise, she would have 
made me stay in the ER until i came down. Luckly, i was not yet in DKA. 

I finally get the NPH and my blood sugar "stabalizes" in the mid 200s all 
 night. My pump arrived this morning at 9:30 (it was supposed to be here by
and I connect. Right as my boyfriend is signing for the FedEx package i test 
and i am 198, first time i an under 200 in over 24 hours. 

I managed to spend the rest of today fighting lows. Gotta love mixing in long 
acting insulin with the pump. Now I am not taking more then a few steps 
 without making sure that i have glucose near or on me. My boyfriend is
making sure that I am ok. 

Even many people would probably be upset that their pump died like this, i 
 just figure it happens at some point to all of us. Its par of the course with a
mechanical machine. I am over the moon with the wonderful service i had with 
minimed. They did everything they could to make sure that i got my new pump as 
soon as possible. They even informed me right away that the black pump was now 
a little see through ( i like it much better anyway) and even offered to let 
me switched to any other pump color. Pretty cool!

I am so happy about having the paradigm. Just wish I knew what freak thing 
made my pump die. I'll wait to see the report.

dxd age 7 1988 pumping 1992
who is happy she will actually sleep throught the night tonight! woohoo
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