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[IP] Re: Now I'm Annoyed


If you have a sense of humor....and believe in irony  I'd order your test
strips from www.disetronicdirect.com.



>I must have missed you all talking about this but I was just so frustrated
>go to Minimed's "new" online catalogue and discover that they are no longer
>selling ANY test strips BUT for the BD Logic!  Now I need a new online
>supplier for my Ultra Smart strips.  Anyone have any suggestions?  I just
>to be able to order a 3 month supply online and they need to be able to bill
>my insurance compay (BCBS).  If they have pump supplies - even better,
>I really would like to order everything from one place.  I would greatly
>appreciate your suggestions as I won't be ordering from Minimed any longer.

>Thank you very much,

>email @ redacted
>Diabetic 22 years, pumping for 2
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