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RE: [IP] Getting up the courage to...just stick it!

Are you pinching the skin when you inject?  If not, you are probably going
to hurt more when inserting.  If it doesn't hurt afterwards, at least you
know you've got it into fat and not muscle!!!  :) :) :)

When I was injecting needles, I could NEVER bring myself to jab myself with
the needle!  I would push it in and believe me that was sheer torture.  I
hated to look at the needle going into my skin as well and my stomach would

One day I was in a pharmacy (the old type ones with one owner and no chain
stores) and I saw this little device called "Inject-Ease"....That little
device was my life saver!!!

You have to fill your needle and then put the cap back on, insert it into
the Inject Ease and then click the button, very similar to using your lancet
device.  Then you just push the plunger and push the insulin in and remove
the needle...

Never saw the needle going in so I was ok with all the rest.

There are days I just look at that needle and say "I don't want to put that
into me"...but alas, I look up and out into my beautiful garden and just
push the button.  Sometimes I feel it and other times I don't but as long as
I don't have to see something being injected into me I'm fine.

I think it's a mind over matter thing and you'd think after so many years of
being a diabetic we would be used to it but it seems that's not so true...

You're not the only one out there! :)

Kathy Bruckmeyer
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