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RE: [IP] Getting up the courage to...just stick it!

I cannot use my abdomen for my sites.  I never could take shot there, hurt
way too much. The very first time I inserted an infusion set(quickset 6 mm),
I inserted in my stomach.  ......

	This happened to me the first few times I injected the infusion into my
abs...only to find out that I needed a smaller insertion size.  I have been
using the micro size (soft set MM) ever since.

	I cannot use my upper abs since there isn't enough fat but I do use the
lower abs.

	The burning, pinching, etc. is because the infusion is actually injected
into muscle....

	Perhaps you can try a smaller micro set and see if that helps.

	Wish I could use other areas but not enough fat.  I do use thighs but those
sites don't last long and I always wind up with lumps...

	Kathy Bruckmeyer
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